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Cambria The Musical Opens This Week at the CCA Theatre

The most anticipated show of the season has arrived.  After a long journey over almost three years, Cambria the Musical hits the stage at the Cambria Center for the Arts Theatre (CCAT), beginning this Friday, June 24, and running through Sunday, July 10.  Written by local Cambrians Ed and Linda Hughes, Cambria the Musical follows the tale of Dolphin and Mary Inman as they travel west in the late 1800s.  Dolphin flees, leaving Mary to fend for herself as she makes her way to Slabtown.  There she meets one of Cambria’s founders, George Lull, and the rest, as…


Rotary Honors This Year’s Scholars

Twelve of the thirteen 2022 Rotary Scholarship winners joined the Rotary members at the June 10 meeting.   Among the 57 students graduating from Coast Union High School (CUHS) and Leffingwell High School this year, 46 students applied for Rotary scholarships—36 from CUHS and 10 from Leffingwell.  Students were accompanied by Leffingwell teacher Justin Gish and CUHS Counselor Samantha Brossette.       Donna Crocker and Paula Porterjoined Youth…