TOp Story

Monarch on coyote brush (Baccharis species) by Brad Seek, with permission

The Migration Habits of Monarch Butterflies

Monarchs are showing up in Cambria, and people are rejoicing.  After last year’s dreadfully low count, there has been justified concern that we would not be seeing monarchs (Danaus plexippus) on our coast again. With butterflies arriving for the winter, we now have hope that…


Cambria Community Council Grant Deadline Approaching

Cambria Community Council (CCC) 2021-2022 grant applications are due Monday, November 1.   Late applications will not be accepted.      To be eligible for a grant, an applicant must be a nonprofit organization and complete a grant application.  Grant applications are available on the CCC website at:  All nonprofit recipient organizations must…


Lions Club of Cambria: Looking Back (Part II)

The first installment in this series on the history and community contributions of the Cambria Lions Club presented the story of the Veterans’ Memorial Hall, but that contribution to the community was not the first for the new Club, which was chartered in December of 1945.  The first project initiated by the Club concerned healthcare in Cambria or, more specifically, the lack of available…