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Are there Risks in Rejecting the Proposed Utility Rate Increases?

Over the last six weeks, CCSD Board members have provided specific information articles regarding the proposed Proposition 218 rate increases.  That information has described the age, condition, maintenance, and replacement needs for our Water and Wastewater (Sewer) Utilities.       CCSD’s Utilities must be financially self-supporting enterprises by law.  Service charges are the main source of revenue for each Utility and specific to that Utility.  Water cannot pay for Sewer, and Sewer cannot pay for Water.  Being familiar with the District operating structure and how utility rates are legally controlled provides insight to Board actions.  It is also important…


May Meeting of NCAC to Address Water Use Development and Fire Insurance Cancellation

Local citizens are aware that at least two major and increasing concerns – water use and fire protection are connected and increasingly problematic.  Both concerns have been the subjects of recent news.      In the case of water-using development, the California Coastal Commission (CCC) recently issued a demand as a formal Notice of Violation that the County and Cambria Community Services District (CCSD) no longer accept…



Even Scarecrows Need Friends

The goal of the Cambria Scarecrow Festival (CSF) for this October is to put a scarecrow in front of every business in Cambria and San Simeon.      With this in mind, the CSF just announced a new giving program.  CSF has combined the Friends Program for local businesses with the former scarecrow…


Cambria Blood Donors Needed

The Cambria Rotary Club (CRC) is once again sponsoring a blood drive in honor of the late Dave Melendy.  Melendy was a graduate of Coast Union High School, an administrator of the Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD), and the 12th paramedic licensed in…