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NCAC October Meeting to Discuss Proposed Changes to County Camping Ordinance

At the North Coast Advisory Council (NCAC) meeting on Wednesday, October 20, via Zoom, proposed changes to the County camping ordinance will be a topic of discussion.

     Several months ago, the NCAC had asked the County to provide an overview of the policy on “incidental” camping (i.e., camping in other than fully developed State or private campgrounds). Since then, some proposed changes that would allow for camping on private property have been under consideration by County officials.  The current camping code can be found at: luis_obispo_county/codes (Title 11, Chapter 4.090).  The NCAC also will be considering two recommendations for approval from the Land Use Committee.  Both recommendations are pursuant to recent referrals for Minor Use Permits for residential properties on Romney Drive and Dorset Street.

     The NCAC is a forum that allows all community residents to be heard by County government.  NCAC meetings have been convened on Zoom since the beginning of the pandemic every third Wednesday evening of the month.  We plan to continue our meetings on Zoom, not only because of the continuing pandemic issues, but also because our attendees prefer the convenience of video conferencing.  Access to the Zoom meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 20, will be posted on the NCAC website at:  We welcome your involvement.  Join a committee, run for the next election, or simply attend a meeting.