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Time to Renew (or Join) the Cambria Tennis Club

January is the time for members of the Cambria Tennis Club (CTC) to renew annual memberships.  Although it is not necessary to pay dues to play at the six excellent tennis courts at Coast Union High School—the courts are open to the public—dues represent a real contribution to the community by helping to fund the multifaceted efforts of the CTC to support the sport of tennis in Cambria. 

     CTC membership is open to any tennis player of any level.  The CTC encourages tennis fans who have not yet joined to consider joining this January.  The modest annual dues are $65 for a single or family membership.  Students may join for free.  A yearly donation of $100 or a $1,000  lifetime donation qualifies one as a Club patron.  Current membership renewals can be sent to the CTC at Post Office Box 1422 by February 1.    

     The CTC was established in 1992 to support and promote tennis for the youth in this community, including Coast Union tennis teams, local residents, and visitors.  One of CTC’s responsibilities, pursuant to an agreement with the Coast Unified School District, is court maintenance and repair that the CTC has dutifully fulfilled for 30 years.  Dues pay for everything from court resurfacing to squeegees to help players after a rainy morning (as shown in the recent photo). 

     For those considering getting back into the game, come join club members at 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays for drop-in doubles. For further information, including a membership application, check out the CTC website ( or phone 805-927-1576 for more information.