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Chamber of Commerce Introduces Plans for 2023 Cambria Magazine

The Cambria Chamber of Commerce has announced the opening of available advertising space in the 2023 Cambria Magazine. The Cambria Magazine is a primary local resource that is vitally connected with the Chamber serving as the “welcome” to travelers far and wide.

     With a new team at the helm, there are many exciting and new features in the works for the 2023 issue.  A major addition will be the inclusion of a Relocation Guide, a one-stop service industry adviser that focuses on real estate and all things home-related. There also will be a new focus to online avenues of distribution and promotion of the magazine. How the Cambria Magazine can be accessed and its appearance online has never been so important.  The Chamber is anticipating this issue to have improved reach as a valuable resource for visitors and those relocating to Cambria, as well as part timers, and full-time locals.

     Community support in the Cambria Magazine is necessary to help promote and increase tourism, Cambria’s number one industry.  There are three ways to support the Chamber of with the 2023 issue of the Cambria Magazine.  First, make a commitment to advertising in the Cambria Magazine whether a Chamber member or not.  Second, current advertisers should consider going up a size this year.  Third, follow and interact with the Cambria Magazine at  To book advertising, visit: or for more information, please email:

     The Cambria Chamber of Commerce has been certified by the County as a Green Business.  Being a Certified Green Business is a clear way to show the community that an organization cares about sustainability.  Certification demonstrates a commitment to conserve resources and prevent pollution in both the facility and operations, as well as compliance with environmental regulations in the areas of waste, energy, water, pollution prevention, and air quality.  There will be a Certification Ceremony on Friday, July 8, at 2:30 p.m. at the Chamber (767 Main Street).  All are welcome to celebrate and to learn more about how being Green can be good for business.