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Even Scarecrows Need Friends

The goal of the Cambria Scarecrow Festival (CSF) for this October is to put a scarecrow in front of every business in Cambria and San Simeon.

     With this in mind, the CSF just announced a new giving program.  CSF has combined the Friends Program for local businesses with the former scarecrow rental program.  Now, when a donation is made to the Friends Program, the business owner will get to choose from a selection of scarecrows to put in front of the business based on the level of giving–at no additional cost.  Donations to the Cambria Scarecrow Festival can be made at:

     In mid-August, photos and descriptions of all available scarecrows will be uploaded to the CSF website so that a favorite scarecrow can be reserved.  The earlier the donation, the better CSF can gauge how many scarecrows will be needed. 

     It is not only businesses that can be part of the Friends Program, however.  Anyone who would like to support the Cambria Scarecrow Festival can donate.  This entertaining and creative Festival cannot come to our community without funding, and the Friends Program helps provide that funding.  To past friends and those who have yet to become friends, any support is appreciated.