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Leffingwell Students Advance with Interest-based Classes

Fall is a busy time of year at Leffingwell High School. Students are trying to complete the required coursework in addition to participating in the many hands-on learning activities that the school provides.

     As a continuation high school, students are often provided opportunities not available at a traditional, comprehensive high school.  Leffingwell students take classes based on student interest, as well as graduation requirements. This semester students have been learning about interest-based subjects such as vinyl car wrapping, fiber arts, culinary arts, and video game design.  Having an interest-based curriculum to compliment the state graduation requirements increases student engagement.  Engagement then leads to better attendance and graduation rates. For some students, it is the first time in their education that they have been asked what they would like to learn about.

     Leffingwell students work at their own pace. If a student devotes extra time outside of class to complete independent work, this shortens the amount of time spent on campus.  As is the case of most continuation high schools, when students finish their graduation requirements, they are no longer required to attend school.  For example, one student already has finished the senior year, with a couple of more students eligible to graduate at the semester break.

     In addition to academics, students also are required to complete 60 hours of the community service. The school’s philosophy is for students not only to become academically proficient, but also responsible, self-directed, and active community members.  So far this year, Leffingwell students have helped with the Camp Ocean Pines Fall Festival, Coastal Clean-up Day, and the Cambria Grammar School Halloween Parade, to name a few. As part of community service, the students completed scarecrows for the Scarecrow Festival and carved Jack-o-Laterns which were on display at the intersection of the Santa Rosa Creek Road and Main Street.