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NCAC Recommends Draft County Redistricting Plan A

At the November meeting of the North Coast Advisory Council (NCAC), a substantial discussion regarding four draft plans submitted by the County Staff Advisory Committee for County redistricting following the 2020 census.  The NCAC sent the following letter to the County Board of Supervisors after a vote was taken with regard to these plans:

      At its regular monthly meeting last night, November 17th, the North Coast Advisory Council (NCAC) voted to recommend to the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors (BOS) that they adopt the draft Plan A for the 5 supervisorial districts in SLO county, which keeps the boundaries of the districts largely as they now exist.

      Cambria is currently in District 2, along with several other North Coast unincorporated areas, including San Simeon, Cayucos, and Los Osos.  These communities, along with Morro Bay (which is incorporated), constitute a Community of Interest (COI) because of their similar concerns about coastal resources, including the proposed development of offshore energy and the existing and proposed marine sanctuaries, and our reliance on tourism for a major portion of our economy. 

      Keeping COI’s together is an important principle in redistricting; therefore, it is fitting that Cambria remain in this COI and not be grouped with other, more urban, areas that do not share our particular concerns, which draft Map C would specifically do. 

      In addition, because the county’s population since the last census in 2010 did not change sufficiently to warrant that district boundaries be redrawn, Map A is legally sufficient.  This choice also preserves the compactness of the district.

     The NCAC urges the Board of Supervisors to be mindful of these considerations during its redistricting deliberations and adopt Map A.

     At its meeting on redistricting last Friday, the County Board of Supervisors narrowed its redistricting choices after several hours of deliberation.  The Board voted to move forward with Plan A and the Patten map –both maps are available for review at:  On the left side of the page, click on “2021 Redistricting.”

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North Coast Advisory Council Reviews Four Proposed County Redistricting Plans

At the November meeting of the North Coast Advisory Council (NCAC), the focal agenda item was discussion of four alternative redistricting plans submitted by the County Staff Advisory Committee.

      County redistricting occurs every ten years following the census.  This year’s decision is especially critical to Cambria and San Simeon, as some of the proposed plans would significantly alter the structure within the supervisorial districts.  Draft Plan C, for example, would separate San Simeon and Cambria from the coastal towns of Cayucos, Morro Bay, and Los Osos, instead becoming joined with Paso Robles and San Miguel.

     The NCAC is encouraging residents to view all of the draft plans and voice their perspectives on redistricting to the County.  The draft plans, other discussions on redistricting, and public comments links can be accessed at:  On the left side of the page, click on “2021 Redistricting.”

     The North Coast Advisory Council was formed in 1996 and is the North Coast community’s connection to decision makers in County government on issues of land use, planning, traffic and circulation, policing, and code enforcement.  The area covered by NCAC ranges from Harmony to the south and the Monterey County line to the north, and from the ocean east to Rocky Butte.  Join a committee, run for the next election, or simply attend a meeting.  NCAC welcomes your involvement.  Visit the NCAC website at: