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University Women of Cambria- Same Mission, New Bylaws

The mission of the University Women of Cambria (UWC) is to support local students in their quest for a higher education.  Since its inception in 1987 when it awarded one $300 scholarship, the UWC has awarded approximately $236,000 to Cambria students.  This year, it awarded scholarships of $1,000 each to 26 students of Coast Union High School and Leffingwell High School.  Members of the UWC are proud of this history of supporting local students and plan to continue this mission.

     Not everything about UWC will remain the same, however.  Members voted in May to make a significant bylaw change regarding membership eligibility requirements.  Until then, only women who held degrees were eligible for membership.  The new bylaws state that all individuals who support the UWC mission are eligible for membership. UWC members are proud to be following in the steps of other worthy organizations by becoming more inclusive.