News in the cambriaca is provided online and free to all at this website.  Readers never need to register, subscribe, become a member, or give up personal information to gain access to these webpages.  A special audio feature allows for listening to the most recent news rather than reading from a computer or phone screen.

Every week, the cambriaca provides local news and information about Cambria and San Simeon (an area of about 120 square miles, a population of about 6,000) including reports from nearly 50 organizations on arts, environment, health and safety, social services, schools and education, churches, local government, and recreation.

Created in April of 2020 as a demonstration project in citizen journalism, all content for the cambriaca is the collected work of a team of over 40 volunteer correspondents, designated by their own organizations to serve as representatives to local media outlets.  A five-member Editorial Board functions as a volunteer advisory body on matters pertaining to journalistic ethics, standards, and practices, as well as upholding the values of fairness, honesty, independence, and accountability.  The Board has no operational, fiscal, or legal responsibility.

There is no provision of space in the cambriaca for letters to editor or other statements of individual or organizational opinionating.  Advertising is neither solicited nor accepted.  Fund raising appeals are limited to local charitable purposes only.  It is not the intention of the cambriaca to compete with other local media outlets but rather to supplement the total coverage being provided to local government and nonprofit organizations in Cambria and San Simeon. 

Readers wishing to become subscribers to the cambriaca can do so by sending an email request to:  A subscriber receives an email reminder to read the latest issue of the cambriaca every Thursday morning.  There is no cost for this service, and no other form of solicitation will be sent.  Currently, the cambriaca has about 600 subscribers and about 500 other readers each week.

Editorial Board:  Stephen Beck, Mark Berry, Tom Cochrun, Kitty Connolly, Consuelo Macedo

Editors:  Kristine Fox, John Rohrbaugh