John Scott, Tin City entrance

With generous public and private funding, Beautify Cambria Association (BCA) has begun an enhancement project at the hilltop at the intersection of Burton Drive and Village Lane which is the entrance to Tin City.  Volunteers are asked to join the Tin City planting party on Tuesday, November 22, at 10:00 a.m.  Volunteers should sign up with an email to Claudia Harmon Worthen (

     The new welcome sign design will evoke the “tin” history of Tin City.  The sign will feature a painting by local artist Phil Hauser, depicting a tin building among the pines.  The sign will be fixed to a galvanized spiral post at the entrance to Tin City.  Plans to landscape with native and drought-tolerant vegetation and adding a new welcome sign have been in the works for three years.  Residents may have noticed that the land has recently been cleared of overgrown weeds and sandwich boards in preparation for the new landscaping.  Over the years, Tin City has grown from metal storage units by the Santa Rosa Creek into Cambria’s commercial, industrial, and retail center.

     With permission of landowner Chuck McMillan and the County Public Works Department, the area was cleared, and 40 yards of mulch were used to amend the clay soil.   One ton of rocks was hauled in to create a natural retaining wall to protect the topsoil from washing down the embankment. The original improvement project was delayed by lack of funding and last year’s installation of the new guardrail that would have damaged any landscaping.

     This is a well-traveled intersection, heavily used by residents and visitors.  John Scott, BCA project manager, predicts that “the people of Cambria will be very pleased”.  Scott also volunteers to water Beautify Cambria’s landscaping projects each week with non-potable water.  In addition, BCA volunteers are out each Wednesday weeding and maintaining the Main Street geraniums and medians.  These beautification projects are ongoing and are well received by all.  

     For persons interested in joining the BCA, volunteering for other projects, or making a donation, email Claudia Harmon Worthen at  Donations are accepted on the BCA website (, and via PayPal or Venmo.  Checks are very much appreciated and can be mailed to Beautify Cambria, 1241 Knollwood Drive PMB 113, Cambria.