A new feature is being added to the cambriaca in the coming issues – “Cambriaca Photo of the Week.”  All readers are invited to submit high-quality photographs that capture some timely and newsworthy aspect of the Cambria and San Simeon communities.

     The idea is that photos should be both excellent images and also communicate something about a current event around town.  Much as great nature photography is much appreciated, we are not looking for spectacular photos of tom turkeys or crashing waves.  Rather, a photo of interest might capture folks building a new scarecrow or setting up for a fund-raiser – or even a drone shot of a Friday Farmer’s Market.  Thus, the idea — great photos but relating to local news.

     Credit will be given to the photographer, of course.  The final decisions on which photos are published, as well as on all text associated with the photos, rest with the cambriaca.  Anyone who is interested in contributing to this new feature should review the requirements shown in the frame.