Donni Morgan and Jeff Wilson

Donelle (Donni) Morgan and Jeff Wilson have joined the Greenspace Board of Directors, adding remarkable experience and dedication to addressing its mission.  

     For three decades Donni Morgan has been a member of Friends of the River, California’s only statewide river conservation organization.  It works to protect and restore California rivers by influencing public policy and inspiring citizen action.  She says, “Just as I gave myself to the cause of river preservation in California, so I am excited about being part of this committed Greenspace group, protecting Cambria’s identity as an unspoiled area of the California coast.”  

     Her love of rivers is long-standing, having learned to swim at the age of four in the Sandy River in Oregon, and boating 32 rivers since 1979.  Her love of the world’s wild places led to camping trips all over the West during the last 50 years, often with inflatable kayaks and occasionally, motorcycles.  She is now “of counsel” and was a Certified Family Law Specialist, practicing law in San Jose as a partner in two law firms for 39 years

      As a high school senior in 1970, Jeff Wilson and two other environment-minded friends established the first recycling center in their Southern California community of San Marino.  The Santa Barbara oil spill was “a definitive moment” that connected him to the environmental movement, to his college education in environmental studies, and to future roles preserving, protecting, and conserving global ecosystems.  In 2007, he founded the first global sustainability division at the apparel manufacturer Quiksilver.  It was recognized as the leading program in the action sports industry.  Jeff was a Board Member at the Earth’s Oceans and Quiksilver Foundations and active in similar environmental causes. 

    Jeff has traveled extensively and believes this North Coast area is a national treasure.  He applauds the progress being made to preserve and protect its natural wealth.  When surfing here he said that he is humbled by the coastline he sees.  “Since the age of 12 I have been involved in work to try to make the world better, safe, greener.  Cambria has been a refuge and ‘my happy place’ for 24 years and will soon be our permanent home.”