The Cambria Library (1043 Main Street) will be offering two presentations on promoting brain health on Saturday, September 24, at 10:30 to noon to be followed on Wednesday, November 2, from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.  The presentations will be led by Dennis Pezzato. 

     Dr. Pezzato is a behavioral specialist and the author of six self-help books.  He has an extensive set of experiences working with caregivers, dementia and cancer patients, and those facing end-of-life challenges. He is currently doing work with Hearst Cancer Resource Center at French Hospital, Wilshire Hospice, and the San Luis Obispo Alzheimer’s chapter.

     The first session is titled “Promoting Your Brain Health.”  Growing evidence suggests that individuals can keep their brain health by adopting key lifestyle habits.  Learn how to take care of the brain through diet, exercise, social engagement, and cognitive activities.  The second session is titled “Where are My Keys vs. What are My Keys.”  Slowing down is normal as we age, but when do these changes become a concern?  Learn the ten warning signs of dementia and techniques to approach a loved one with concerns about their cognition.  Both sessions are free and open to the public without advance registration.