Anyone who has seen the 1939 movie classic “The Wizard of Oz” knows the story.   However, with a few alterations, well, actually a plethora of alterations, “The Wizard of CambriOZ” has a definite Cambria twist.  

     “Come, My Pretty,” to CambriOz – From Slabtown to the Emerald City.  Two full weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) of 7:00 p.m. performances are planned on the Veterans Memorial Hall stage (1000 Main Street).  Tickets (August 26, 27, 28 and September 2, 3, 4) are available at the Cambria Chamber of Commerce (767 Main Street), the Friday Farmers’ Market (1000 Main Street), or online at:

     The purpose of The Follies, of course, is to celebrate and parody our beloved village, and L. Frank Baum’s masterful fable sets the stage for a delightful evening of surprises and aberrant nostalgia.  Remember:  “There’s no place like The Follies.”