The community is invited to visit the Cambria Community Healthcare District’s (CCHD) booth at the Cambria Farmers Market on two Friday afternoons, May 13 and 27.  The District will be focusing on high blood pressure education and stress reduction. An ambulance crew will be on site to perform blood pressure checks and provide some fun, simple ways to reduce stress.

      High blood pressure is called “the silent killer” because many times a person experiences no obvious symptoms.  When left untreated, the damage that high blood pressure does to the circulatory system is a significant contributor to heart attacks, stroke, and other health threats.  The good news is that proven ways to prevent or manage high blood pressure exist.  Stress reduction is one of the recommended actions a person can take, and it also helps with overall quality of life.  

     With a focus on advocating health and safety for the community, CCHD continues its plan for upcoming events and is in great need of volunteers to assist.  Those willing to lend a helping hand to the community, to their friends and neighbors, in this important endeavor are welcome to volunteer by calling the CCHD at 805-927-8304.