The Cat Pawsitive Training Team of the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) recently put together two videos to submit to the Fourth Annual Cat Pawsitive National High-Five Day Contest.  HART volunteers are excited to report that one of the submissions, the “Bloopers” video, took third place and won $2,000 out of hundreds of entries.  The prize money will help a lot of cats and kittens in HART’s care.

     One of the cats enrolled in this year’s Cat Pawsitive Training Program was Phil.  He was enrolled to help him learn more “pawsitive” interactions with both cats and people.  Phil came to the shelter from the streets with a broken tail that needed to be amputated.  Once he healed and entered our main shelter, Phil started to pretend that he was a bobcat and made his “bobcat moves” on any people or cats in his vicinity. 

     Now that Phil is learning new “moves” through his Cat Pawsitive training, he feels much less inclined to show off his wildcat side.  He has become a sweet, affectionate cat and has been a joy to work with.  Thank you to the HART Cat Pawsitive Training Team for many hours of training and to “Phil the Bobcat” for his excellent high-fiving skills.  Watch the HART video by searching at for the phrase Greater Goods Charities Feline High-Five.