A remarkable overview of the newly protected Strawberry Canyon forest from a drone flyover video by architectural photographer David Lalush at: greenspacecambria.org

Local forest lovers and devoted visitors are stepping up to help pay off the $175,000 emergency loan that allowed Greenspace–The Cambria Land Trust to add more than 13 acres to its existing Strawberry Canyon Preserve.  Together with neighboring forested and ranchland properties, it forms a sizable expanse of native Monterey pine forest and wildlife habitat.  The Preserve has proven to be a remarkable setting for learning forest ecology.  Students from local schools gain insight from sessions held in Strawberry Canyon led by their teachers and Greenspace volunteers.

     Access to some parts of Cambria’s forest is restricted and, thus, the paths at the Strawberry Canyon Preserve are welcome.  Also welcome are donations for maintaining the forest and the paths.  Greenspace Board member Bob Reid asks, “What better legacy to create than the gift of conservation, a gift for today and the future, a gift for our Cambria community, and a gift for the plant and animal communities that still thrive in this undeveloped expanse.”  Greenspace friends and supporters are asked to help make this vision of sustainable conservation a reality, to help preserve another part of our Monterey pine forest and its ecosystem, and to know that together, acquisition after acquisition, these contributions are making a difference in the forest’s future.         

     Donations may be made to Greenspace–The Cambria Land Trust, Post Office Box 1505 (Cambria, CA 93428) with “Strawberry Canyon Expansion” in the memo line.  Information about the Strawberry Canyon Forest or any of the Greenspace preserves can be requested by email (info@greenspacecambria.org) or by phone: (805-927-2866).