Photo credit: Consuelo Macedo

For many years, the Cambria Historical Society (CHS) has provided tours and interactive learning activities for student groups of all age levels from the Cambria Grammar School and transitional kindergarten. This year the CHS hosted a half-day event for 15 students from Leffingwell High School who are studying about marine biology and historic industries along the Central Coast.

     CHS Board President and Chief Researcher Melody Coe provided an extensive educational presentation according to their teachers Scott Love and, Justin Gish who facilitated the study session.  Also present with the class was course registrar Nina Margo.  Students were in training for note taking, as well, and asked great questions over a range broader than the topic. Since time allowed, the group adjourned to the interior of the Museum for a historical tour by CHS Vice President and Docent Consuelo Macedo.

     Staff and students reported that they enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the time when they will be able to attend an even more interactive experience at the 1881 Schoolhouse, that is, as soon as the Restoration Project is completed in 2022.