The Cambria Center for the Arts (CCA) is pleased to present the Gallery’s next exhibit “Irregularity x 2” by Jeanette Wolff and Art Van Rhyn.  The show opens on Saturday, November 6, with a reception from 4:30 until 6:00 p.m. and will run through December 31.

     Art Van Rhyn moved to Cambria in 1983.  He set his sight on building the house he lives in today—just off Moonstone Beach Drive—with a front art studio overlooking the ocean.  Soon he joined forces with a couple of other painters, establishing the “Wednesday Irregulars” which is still going strong to this day. 

     Jeanette Wolff and her husband moved to Cambria 34 years ago, and she joined the Irregulars shortly thereafter.  While the Jeanette and Art are fiercely independent artists, they have been painting together for over 30 years now.  They also have a long-standing relationship with the CCA.  As dear friends and supporters of the CCA, the Gallery is honored to showcase some of their very best paintings to date.

     The CCA reception for “Irregularity x 2” will be held at the Gallery (1350 Main Street) but participation will be somewhat limited.  Registrations can be completed at the CCA website:  Those attending the reception are asked to wear a mask and show proof of vaccination.

     The CCA is in need of volunteers on a regular basis for the Gallery Committee.  The Gallery Committee is a fun group of creative people who meet once a month to discuss all areas of the operation and share great concepts for upcoming shows, improvements, marketing, and fundraising, There are so many areas in which fresh ideas and can-do attitudes of both artists and non-artists would be so very useful to the Gallery and—special incentive—we offer submission fee discounts to all who participate.  Any interested volunteer should email the Gallery Director (