Maintaining the six courts at Coast Union High School (CUHS) is not just about large undertakings such as getting the courts periodically resurfaced—as the Cambria Tennis Club (CTC) did last year for three of the courts—or replacing windscreens as it did this year.  Maintenance is also about keeping up with the little stuff that help make playing tennis in Cambria a pleasure rather than a struggle.

     CTC members undertake minor maintenance in a variety of ways, such as periodic work days where cracks on the court surface are filled, weeds pulled, and overhangs and benches painted or stained.  The CTC also keeps the nets in good shape, replacing them when worn out, tightening them, or replacing the center straps.  In fact, just this week a center strap broke and was replaced within an hour.

     Even maintaining the squeegees is a continuing task for effectively drying the courts after rain – and, yes, even tennis players are hoping for rain these days.  Just recently the CTC put new blades on its three squeegee and added a fourth to make sure that the courts would be usable just as soon as possible after any rain.  The CTC also tries to keep up with the times, such as the recent purchase of a tennis ball re-pressurizer to keep balls in play longer, the brainchild of CTC member and local pro Barrett Stuart.

     The tennis courts at CUHS are open to the public, not just to CTC members.  For anyone who enjoys tennis, the membership annual fee ($50 for single; $65 for family) and occasional sweat equity in a work day are worthwhile investments in the CTC’s efforts to keep our courts great.  If you are a tennis player (regardless of level) and want to get back into the game, consider joining us at 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays for drop-in doubles.  For further information, including a membership application, check out the Club website ( or call us at 805-927-1576.