New state-of-the-art power gurney/loading systems will be installed in two front-line ambulances operated by the Cambria Community Healthcare District (CCHD). Partially funded by a $76,190 FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant, the new equipment uses a hydraulic power system to raise, lower, or smoothly maneuver the gurney into and out of the ambulance.

      The system offers several advantages for both patients and ambulance crew members.  “Our patients will have a safer and more comfortable transfer in and out of the ambulance,” explained Operations Manager and Paramedic Tim Benes. Tim also explained that this will help crew members to lower their own risk of serious muscle strains, spine injury, or even permanent disability.

      In addition to the new power gurney/loading systems, the CCHD has recently upgraded communication radios, replaced personal protective gear, and acquired a low-mileage, four-wheel drive ambulance.  The equipment upgrades were enabled by funding support from federal agencies and from local foundations such as the Cambria Community Council and Project Heartbeat through private donations. The CCHD has received more than $180,000 in grant awards and pledges over the past year and a half. 

The CCHD is committed to its mission of improving the health of District residents by providing emergency services, enhancing access to care, and promoting wellness.  This is accomplished while also providing a safe work environment that protects our valued ambulance crew members.  The CCHD continues to seek charitable contributions to its 501(c)(3) not for profit trust, as well as additional grant funding to meet its financial needs.  Local tax support and revenue from ambulance services does not fully cover the cost of operations and capital spending.  For this those who wish to assist in funding the CCHD mission, please contact the CCHD by phone (805-927-8304) or visit the District website at: