With issue 2:26, the cambriaca takes on a more engaging visual format for the online presentation of local news in San Simeon and Cambria.  Now in its 18th month (or 78th week) of publication, the cambriaca has a readership of over 1200 households where at least one or two issues are accessed each month, as well as a list of nearly 600 subscribers.  About 40 volunteer writers (“correspondents”) are serving as citizen journalists to provide the coverage of the many local government and nonprofit organizations that work to sustain and enhance this community.

     Thanks to the highly skilled work of Juli Amodei at 12 Toes Promotions, this new format allows for a number of additional features.  With a little practice, for example, readers will find it much easier to move between sections, as well as scan for articles of particular interest.   Each weekly newspaper is now a readily available archive of all recent news updates that have been compiled over four or five past issues.  More photos can be displayed.  The new format also features a much updated community calendar that provides additional space to describe the time and location of each event or, if appropriate, the Zoom or web links to participate in these events virtually.

     Now, for the first time, readers can highlight sections of text that they would like to save for a later time.  With a simple “cut” and “paste,” any web address or Zoom access code can be extracted from any news update.  Readers will note that the correspondents for the cambriaca will be including more web addresses, for example, in their articles that can be made available for future reference and use.  Anyone who would like to become a correspondent (i.e., reporter) for a local organization to which they belong should send an inquiry to:  jwr2626@yahoo.com.