At the September meeting of the North Coast Advisory Council (NCAC), the proposed renovation of the Brambles property (4005 Burton Drive) received a vote of approval.  The project involves transformation of the former restaurant into a 23-unit hotel.

The Land Use Committee of the NCAC did express some concern about the amount of parking being planned which is adequate by County standards but potentially marginal if the two-bedroom units are occupied as singles. The Committee also noted that, although the Brambles did not have a national or state historic registration, it is important that the renovation design should maintain the structure’s historic presence and blend with the character of West Village.  A plan for tree removal and replacement is yet to be filed.

The September meeting also allow for an informational presentation of the renovation project planned for Ragged Point was informational, prior to its review by the County Planning Commission on Thursday, November 4.  County staff also provided a presentation on plans for redistricting following the 2020 census. This presentation included not only information on population changes within the County but also an overview of useful tools that are available for viewing population growth and movements within County regions. These presentations are available on the NCAC website at:

The NCAC is currently in need of a representative in Area 5 (Lodge Hill east of Highway 1), and an alternate representative in Area 8 (Lodge Hill, Top of the World).  Anyone who lives in these areas and may be interested, please use the “Contact” page on the NCAC website or speak to any of the NCAC representatives or alternates listed on the website.  The Council welcomes all forms of involvement.  Join a committee, run for the next election, or simply attend the next NCAC meeting.